corbu.fnt   display.fnt   florence.fnt
CORBU French sign-painter's stencil made popular by the master architect Le Corbusier.

  DISPLAY Simulation of 7-segment LED or LCD display.   FLORENCE An internally connected handwriting font.
horray.fnt   hotdog.fnt   metro.fnt
HOORAY I would have called this deco if there wasn't one. My fault - I made that one, too.

  HOTDOT They just reminded me of hot dogs. What can I say?   METRO This font is made up of individual circles and is good for simulating a moving LED display.
type.fnt   simplexc.fnt   simplexa.fnt
TYPE is a typewriter font. Not much more to say about it.

SIMPLEXC The difference between this version and the official release is that I have redrawn all of the punctuation to better match the rest of the font. SIMPLEXA Exactly the same font as SIMPLEXC, except that all of the curves have been replaced with arcs, which makes the font print and plot much faster.