Power Tip

From CADD Master Ray

Previewing Components On-Screen
Did you ever forget what a component looks like, or which way the darn thing was facing when you drew it? What if you could preview your component on screen before placing them, picking them from an on-screen visual catalogue? Well, get out your favorite components and warm up your text editor, because we're about to add these capabilities to your copy of CADD Level 3.

First, start up CADD and insert a batch of components (we can deal with about 15 to 20 at once) in an orderly fashion on the screen. Put a title under each one. Make it look kind of organized, because this is going to be your menu. Be sure to place them all with CR set to 0 and CZ to 1,1 while you're at it.

Next, save the screen as an IMAGE with the IMAGE SAVE (IS) command (note that you must be using a video driver which supports the IMAGE commands - no SMALL drivers, please). When asked if you want to save the whole screen, answer in the negative, and then give the IMAGE file a reasonable name, like CHAIRS (if that's what your components are), and you're done with this part. Save the drawing in case you want to edit it later.

Finally, copy LEVEL3.MNU to some other name (better safe than sorry), and fire up that editor on LEVEL3.MNU. Find a place to stick your new menu, like on the DRAW menu, and add a line somewhere that says:


Now find a place in between menus, like the blank line between ROOT MENU,** and *COMPONENT, and insert something like this:






Of course, your components will have different names, and your menu might not be called CHAIRS, so insert the appropriate names required. Note that the handling of various directions assumes that all of the chairs were drawn facing up. Save the file and you're done.

Call up a drawing with CADD, and go to the DRAW menu. Pick the item CHAIRS, and you'll get to your menu. Pick the item PREVIEW to see your chairs on the screen. When you have identified your favorite one, select REDRAW, and then pick the direction and component that you want to place.