The Goodship is an Augmented Reality flying fantasy ship that appears when you scan the Goodship logo on any Goodship package, sticker, or other printed product using your iOS or Android device. It was created for The Goodship Company, LLC. Launch The Goodship, then fly it around the room in several pre-set patterns, including circular, square, and random. When you are done, land it back on the logo and put it away for next time! An in-app camera shutter button allows you to take pictures of The Goodship anywhere you go!

Download The Goodship at any of these locations. Must be 21 or older.

At the bottom of the screen is a message bar indicating the status of The Goodship. When you first start, the words "SCAN LOGO TO BEGIN" will appear. Other messages may appear here from time to time. The Goodship logo appears at the center of the message bar:

Click to display a larger image of the logo on the screen. If you have two devices, you may use this displayed logo in place of the logo on The Goodship packaging to activate the Augmented Reality model by scanning this displayed logo with a second device. Click this logo again to dismiss the display.

After launching the app, aim your camera at the Goodship logo. An Augmented Reality model of The Goodship will appear idling over the logo and a toolbar will replace the message bar at the bottom of the screen.

The following functions are available from the toolbar:
Launches The Goodship into the air above the logo. Disabled after launch, but enabled again after landing.
Sends The Goodship into a circular pattern in the air above the logo. Can be used once the Goodship is in the air.
Sends The Goodship into a square pattern in the air above the logo. Can be used once the Goodship is in the air.
Sends The Goodship into a random zig-zag pattern in the air above the logo. Can be used once the Goodship is in the air.
Lands The Goodship back down onto the logo. Can be used once the Goodship is in the air.


NO SOUND? The Goodship makes sounds when it is on screen. If you do not hear it, make sure that your devices is not muted (sometimes setting your phone to vibrate can do this), and the volume is turned up at least halfway.

WHERE DID IT GO? If you can hear The Goodship flying, but you can't see it (maybe it flew away!), make sure that your Goodship logo is on screen and land it. It will land back onto the logo.

JUMPY SHIP? If The Goodship seems jittery, make sure you have good light on the logo. Also, if you move the camera away from the logo, The Goodship will continue to fly for a while, but it may become unstable eventually. Get the logo back on your screen and land The Goodship if you've lost it.

TOO DARK? If your lighting isn't good enough to see the product logo, use the light icon in the upper left, below the menu icon, to turn on your flash to see the target. The icon is only present if you actually have a light on your device.

NO LOGO? If you don't have a Goodship logo to fly it from, you can print one out here, or get a friend to download the app and display the preview logo on their screen. You should be able to launch it from there!

Several privacy-relevent permissions are requested by this app:

CAMERA: This permission allows this application to use the camera on your device to recognize images through the camera and show dynamic on-screen content on top of what you see through the camera. Additional, the camera may be used to take screen shots from within the app.

SD CARD: This permission allows screenshots that you take within the app to be saved to the SD card on your device, if you have configured your camera to save to the SD card.

NETWORK: This permission allows this application to access the internet in order to update the news for the "What's News" feature in the application.

YOUR CONSENT: By using this app, you consent to this privacy policy.

If there are questions regarding this app, you may contact us at

This support page was last modified on November 12, 2017