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Mr. Potato Head is a Registered Trademark of Playskool, Inc., Pawtucket, R.I., a division of Hasbro Inc., US Patent No. D-280,754. Product and colors subject to change. This site is in no way affiliated with Playskool, Hasbro, or the genuine Mr. Potato Head himself. I did this just for fun, OK?!?


by Ray C. Freeman III

Place your cursor on the spud, and click-drag to rotate left or right.

Download the object QTVR file (326K)


This site uses Apple QuickTime VR technology, which requires Apple QuickTime and Apple's QTVR browser plug-in.
If the image does not appear, or appears as a broken image file, you do not have the required plug-in.

You may obtain it in one of the following ways:

Click here to go to Apple's download site. Download and install the plug-in appropriate for your operating system.

AOL users may search AOL's software download area for QT16.EXE or QT32INST.EXE, Windows 3.1 users should download and install QT16.EXE, while Windows 95 users should normally use QT32INST.EXE instead. If you are using AOL's browser, the plug-in should be installed in the PLUGINS folder inside your AOL folder.

In either case, you will probably have to re-start your browser before the QTVR plug-in activates.

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