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Davis Creek Elementary

Students, Teachers, and Parents are using Lego CAD together with physical Lego Elements.

BalanceParent Linda Hamilton developed this Lego CAD model for working with numbers. Her journal entry: for this model is as follows:

This four part balance scale can be used for adding positive and negative numbers. Make three more of the pans and hang them by string (number 10 embrodery thread) and connect the middle and other two beam by string. The inner two pans are the positive and the outer negative.

Candy Factory

The fifth graders have developed a candy factory using Control Lab, pneumatic kits, and other Lego Dacta kits, designing some of the sub-assemblies in Lego CAD. Visit their web site for more pictures and information.

ShipwreckMrs. Simon's class has completed the 'Shipwreck of the Miss Adventure' challenges and posted the results! Click here to visit.

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