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Platforms: Macintosh 68040 and Power Mac, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95
Version 1.0 released June 1, 1997

LEGO dacta LEGO CAD: Simple Machines is a computer-based educational LEGO building kit, featuring LEGO dacta parts designed to teach concepts in basic machines. The program features a set of 63 different LEGO parts, based on true 3D geometric models, which can be viewed from any angle and placed into a model through a ‘drag and drop’ style interface, allowing users to build and view any number of virtual models.

The virtual LEGO parts in this kit snap together in the same way as real LEGO bricks, and behave in many ways just like their physical counterparts, making the program an ideal tool for planning, analysis, and documentation of problems under investigation using the physical LEGO Dacta Technic I kit. The program is designed to support both pre-existing education materials developed for the physical Technic I kit, as well as new materials developed specifically for this project.

In support of these materials, the program includes a ‘Parts Bin’ of limited resources, representing any number of actual Technic I kits, from which the parts to be used are selected. Additionally, model files may be accompanied by instructional texts which are displayed on screen with the models, and an empty text window which the student may use to record his or her process, thoughts, or findings. Problems are provided, and additional problems may be developed by individual teachers which include full models, pre-selected parts together with instruction, partially built models, and various combinations of these.

The database, modeling, placement, and rendering engines which are being developed for this product will support other products which feature different LEGO parts in different combination, more sophisticated rendering technologies, or other future add-ons. It is anticipated that LEGO dacta will desire to construct additional kits from this technology, for different age groups and for different curriculum areas.

LEGO CAD: Simple Machines was developed for Autodesk, Inc. and LEGO Dacta. LEGO is a registered trademark of the Lego Group.

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