festivAR is an app for viewing Augmented Reality festival information on your phone or tablet. It was created to allow festival promoters to present Augmented Reality maps connected to festival data without expensive or delicate equipment. In addition to displaying the maps and data, an in-app camera shutter button allows you to capture them to your camera roll!

To view the 3D content, you will need access to the target that triggers the Augmented Reality. This may found in the wild at the festival, in the app itself, or on this page.

Download festivAR for your device at these locations.


After launching the app, aim your camera at the target. An Augmented Reality model will appear on your screen, together with identifying information at the bottom of the screen, accompanied by brief instructions. You can move around the target image or rotate your device, etc., in order to see the 3D model from additional angles. Feel free to look around!

If you don't know what the target looks like, you can find a picture of it on the TARGET MAP menu item in the app.

The various parts of the festival are highlighted in purple in the 3D Augmented Reality map. Tapping on any of these will bring up additional information about what is going on at that location in the lower area of your screen.


The instruction bar at the bottom of the screen may change from time to time to provide contextual help related to the screen you are on. Generally, it just reminds you to tap on the 3D map. In other instances, it may provide other instructions about what you can do when you are at another screen or menu item.


WHERE DID IT GO? If the model disappears, you may have lost contact with the target image. If you return to viewing the target image on your screen, the 3D model should appear again, as well.

JITTERS? If the 3D model seems jittery, make sure you have good light on the target. In some cases, if you move the camera away from the target, the model will continue to persist for a while, but it may become unstable eventually. Get the target back on your screen to re-orient and stabilize the model.

TOO DARK? If your lighting isn't good enough to see the target, use the light icon in the upper left or your screen to turn on your flash to see the target. The icon is only present if you actually have a light on your device.

NO TARGET? If you don't have any targets for viewing the Augmented Reality, you can print them out here, or get a friend to download the app and display the targets on their screen by using the TARGET MAP item on the pull-down menu. You should be able to see them from there!

Several privacy-relevent permissions are requested by this app:

CAMERA: This permission allows this application to use the camera on your device to recognize images through the camera and show dynamic on-screen content on top of what you see through the camera. Additional, the camera may be used to take screen shots from within the app.

SD CARD: This permission allows screenshots that you take within the app to be saved to the SD card on your device, if you have configured your camera to save to the SD card.

LOCATION SERVICES: This permission allows this application to access cellular and network services in order to locate you on the map.

YOUR CONSENT: By using this app, you consent to this privacy policy.

If there are questions regarding this app, you may contact us at info@workshop3d.com.

This support page was last modified on April 3, 2018